sábado, noviembre 29, 2008

Museums and Me II

I forgot to publish this. NY museums. I'm a big fan of museums. I don't know why. I was in NYorking in October with my CMU class. Well I ran all the weekend around NY and went to 3 museums I really enjoy.
Guggenheim is a master piece from the outside to the inside. I went to Falling Water later and, need to say that Frank Lloyd Wright is a genius. I enjoyed the flow of the museum, the environment, all curved... I don't know, is a sensation, a perception. Hard to describe.
MET is total. In the way of big, complete, amazing. Too much culture mix for my eyes and brain in one day but, I had no more days. I really like the Egyptian expo and the dark antique music instruments too. What a variety of pianos... I don't have enough time to enjoy the paintings. Need to come back.
The last the best. MoMA is simply amazing. From the concept to the art content. I can't believe I was there and finally take a look to my favorites' I expent some time to, freezing in the garden.
Nothing else to say. If you are going to NY. Go to the museums. It's a must! and enjoy :)

I love this weather

OK, give me a chance to be sarcastic. I hate this. I'm sick. And I'm lucky because this week snow went to other city to visit other people (cold people now). Maybe I'm a rookie on this stuff, yeah I know that sleeping in a tent in the Inca Trail in the mountains was an adventure, but walk everyday to school with this cold kills!!!

And, you know, we are just in the middle of the Fall. My voice is cracked. Headache. Boo. I dream of the beach everyday.

Too much complaints about Pittsburgh! Let's go IceSkating!!! Or something. Let's start with the exams WOOHOO. The Heinz Ball (and now again, masoquist, I will wear a dress).
At least I have a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with a lovely family; a mad Black Friday shopping night from midnight to 10am. And the cold. But as I said... I will not die!
Reminder: to find a piano and practice some :)