sábado, noviembre 29, 2008

Museums and Me II

I forgot to publish this. NY museums. I'm a big fan of museums. I don't know why. I was in NYorking in October with my CMU class. Well I ran all the weekend around NY and went to 3 museums I really enjoy.
Guggenheim is a master piece from the outside to the inside. I went to Falling Water later and, need to say that Frank Lloyd Wright is a genius. I enjoyed the flow of the museum, the environment, all curved... I don't know, is a sensation, a perception. Hard to describe.
MET is total. In the way of big, complete, amazing. Too much culture mix for my eyes and brain in one day but, I had no more days. I really like the Egyptian expo and the dark antique music instruments too. What a variety of pianos... I don't have enough time to enjoy the paintings. Need to come back.
The last the best. MoMA is simply amazing. From the concept to the art content. I can't believe I was there and finally take a look to my favorites' I expent some time to, freezing in the garden.
Nothing else to say. If you are going to NY. Go to the museums. It's a must! and enjoy :)

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