sábado, enero 24, 2009

Back to home (for a while)

The semester ended early in december and I decided early go back home. And I went. I'm so lucky to live in the south hemisphere, here is Winter and there, full summer. Amazing Summer in Lima, not to cold, not so hot. Adequate to walk in the street. To visit friends, spend time with them. To go to the beach. To go partying.

Lima is such a beatiful city, and ugly too. The sky is never blue, even in the summer. It never "rains" never snows. There are not tropical storms, but earthquakes from time to time. Poverty is obvious in many parts of the city. Actually not in the notorious and touristical pictures I took in my visit (by the way was not on purpose).

Now I'm back to the hardest winter, at least for me. DUH. Love the snow, but hate the cold,thaaaat cold. Well, it's just a new experience. See you.
By the way I did the paragliding thing. I took the first flying over the coast, landing later on the top of the cilff :)

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