domingo, enero 25, 2009

When the Terracotta Army went to Europe (and America)

As long as I can say, today's Chinese New Year. Will be calm for me (only today, this year I think will be the most challeging ever for me!). I found Chinese culture amazing. By the way, I realized better that in 2004, that I witnessed one of the most amazing expositions I have ever seen: Terracota Army.

For historical details take a look to the information online,

I will talk about the experience, by far shocking. Detail of the faces, clothing is simply amazing. Forum of the Cultures at Barcelona was, a wonderful place to show them:

I spent most of my time, as I remember, trying to figure out how they made this magnificent art piece. All the environment in the Forum was about globalization, culture, and taking care of our world. This exposition perfectly fitted there. Actually, it was their first visit to Europe.

Later, as a coincidence I met them again in Bogota (2007)

And remind me, how small is the world, how globalized it is and how lucky I am to be in contact with all this culture mixes. Love these.

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