miércoles, abril 08, 2009

Cathedral of Learning

When I first decided to come to Pittsburgh I realized that it was a box of surprises. It was the 2008's most livable city in the US, CMU is Andy Warhol's alma mater and from many others. It has a lot of bridges. And it has the 2nd tallest educational building in the world, and the weirdest.

It is the central building University of Pittsburgh, near CMU, and an historical landmark since 1926. It looks gothic and has a lot of rooms on the first two floors, from several nationalities. I found the French and Chinese pretty cool!

Somebody asked me if I’m attending to Hogwarts. The commons actually look like I’m Harry Potter’s Class 09’ .Yeah, I will be a professional witch hahaha. The view from the 33rd floor is amazing if you can get to the top (and look like a UPitt student).

Ok, need to go back to classes. Enjoy the photos ;)

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