martes, abril 14, 2009

LART, BOFH's ultimate weapon

Cool, I caught your attention. This is not a new weapon of the last state-of-the-art video game. Let me say something. I belong to a silent, big organization named the BOFH followers. Once you are an initiated sysadmin, you might join us or die (or resistance is futile, Borg’s dixit). That’s the only way to survive the lusers. I love this word: luser (loser + user). Hey, for my former users: If you are reading this, you’re not fitting in the luser category :)

Anyway, if you wanna know who is the Bastard Operator from Hell ( go and google it. Ok, about LART (Luser Attitude Readjustment Tool), it could mean almost everything from remove lusers access to delete their files and tell them that they have more space with the same disk quota (?) Those are the kind if ideas that BOFH gives to their followers. Nice. Personally I enjoy to do it to lamers XD. I think I'm not in a condition to do it again. Too much economy and finance in my mind is killing my skills.

That’s what a night of insomnia do after too-much-Indian-food buffet dinner and some new born birds in a nest outside my window, realizing that spring arrived at 4am. Now I’m writing non-sense things. And you are reading them too. Have a nice week.

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